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Why Live on Campus?

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Student Testimonials

New Rates Information
Can I switch facilities from Brownsville to Edinburg on a 12-month contract?
It may be available upon request on a case-by-case basis depending on if we have open bedrooms available. There are building transfer fees and cleaning fees we my assess if request is approved. Please contact your Housing Coordinator for further information.
What are the qualifications for The Village Apartments?
For the Village Apartments, returning students who stayed in their first year at Unity and Heritage Hall, may choose to transfer to Village Apartments in their second year.
What are the requirements to live in Casa Bella Apartments?
The Casa Bella Apartments in Brownsville, it is open to all classifications.
Does my roommate need to be on a 12-month contract?

Your roommate does not need to be on a 12-month contract, but our consolidation policies may apply during the summer.

For example, if all your roommates in your apartment move out during the summer, and you are alone in a 4-bedroom apartment, we may transfer you to another apartment with other residents, per our consolidation policies.

What if my roommate is on a 9-month contract and I am on a 12-month contract?

Your roommate can be on a 9-month contract, but our consolidation policies may apply during the summer.

For example, if all your roommates in your apartment move out during the summer, and you are alone in a 4-bedroom apartment, we may transfer you to another apartment with other residents, per our consolidation policies.

Do I need to have a meal plan if I am on a 12-month contract?
Our meal plan minimum requirements would apply, and the minimum amount of dining dollars would need to be purchased.
If I sign up for a 12-month contract can I change back to a 9-month contract or vice versa?
Yes, you have up until Census Day in the fall semester to make that change. Census Day is the 12-class day of the fall semester.
What is the start date and end date of the 12-month contract?
The start date is August 21, 2021 and ends on August 18, 2022.
Can I move in early before the start of the 12-month contract period?

It depends on our availability, and through special request and with approval of the Housing Coordinator, you may be able to move in early.

We would assess additional daily prorated fees based on the number of days you moved in before the start date of the contract.

Is there a payment plan for the 12-month contract?

Yes, we would charge you $500 per month based on a payment schedule we set up.

The first payment would be due on September 1 and the last payment would be due on August 1.

Are there criteria to reside at the apartments I must meet?

The Village Apartments has a priority room assignment based on classification if you have an existing contract and availability.

The Casa Bella Apartments does not have any criteria either than being a UTRGV student.

Do I get priority to live at the apartments if I sign up 12 months contract?
During our room assignment process we will prioritize students based on 12-month contracts and the date when they apply, in addition to other established criteria per our room assignment process.
What if I am not enrolled for course during the summer?

If you were a student in good standing the previous spring semester, you qualify to live on campus.

This may affect your ability to access financial aid through UTRGV since you would be required to be enrolled during summer semesters to access financial aid.

Please contact financial aid for more information.

What if I am not a full-time student?

This may affect your status to live on campus and your ability to access financial aid.

Please reach out to a housing representative to go over details.

Does the 12-month payment plan follow the same dates for the 9 months?

It does not, they are different payment plan dates and amounts.

Please review the payment plan schedule or speak to a representative for more information.

Is the cancellation fee the same?
Yes, the cancellation fees and deadlines are the same.
Does financial aid cover the 12-month contract?

Financial aid will increase your budget when you live on campus.

Each student’s financial aid package is different, and we recommend you speak to a financial aid representative to go over your cost of attendance and aid you will receive.

Will I get more financial aid if I live 12 months versus 9 months on campus?

Financial aid will increase your budget when you live on campus.

Each student’s financial aid package is different, and we recommend you speak to a financial aid representative to go over your cost of attendance and aid you will receive.

Can payments be set up automatically to be deducted from my bank account or credit card?

All payments are collected by UTRGV Bursars department and your charge are posted to your student account.

You would need to contact the Bursars department to go over the various type of payment collection options they offer.

Our only 12-month contracts allowed to live together?

We do allow residents who have 9-month contracts to live together, but through our room assignment process, we may prioritize other students who requested 12-month contracts over 9-month contracts, and you may not get the roommate you want.

Please contact the Housing Coordinator for further information on this process.

Will graduating before the end of the 12-month contract affect me?

We do have a process that allows you to break the contract and avoid the cancellation fees with proof of graduation.

You are still responsible for the prorated amounts you stay.

Will withdrawing from UTRGV before the end of the 12-month contract affect me?

Yes, if you are not a full time UTRGV students during the fall or spring semester, the department may cancel your contract and apply cancellation fees.

During the summer we are more flexible in you not being enrolled.

Can I have someone else take over my 12-month contract?

Yes, if they are a UTRGV students, and meet the criteria to reside at the apartment, and pass a criminal background check.

Your roommates would also need to agree to transfer your contract to this new person.


Living Spaces

Casa Bella Apartments

The Village Apartments

4 Bedroom / 4 Bath

4 Bedroom /  2 Bath


Edinburg: (956) 665-3439 

Brownsville: (956) 882-7191 



Get The Full College Experience




UTRGV student Ruben

"It's great being so close to campus and walking to my classes, rather than making a long drive."


Unity Residence Hall  Blue Print
Heritage Residence Hall Blue Print

Unity Residence Hall

Heritage Residence Hall

2 Bedroom /  1 Bath

2 Bedroom / 1 Bath

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"You form bonds quicker than the ones you formed in high school... I love being 
a part of this community."


UTRGV student Bryanna


UTRGV student Manuel

"You always interact with different people, there's always something new to do."


UTRGV student Jackie

"You have those people to motivate you and help you graduate."


UTRGV student Joseph

"I like knowing that there are people around me to make me feel safe."

  Living on campus is not just a place to sleep.  

  It's your second home!  

Living on campus is a special opportunity every student should take advantage of. Not only is it convenient to have the university just a few steps away from your door, but it's also your own space! The place that says something about who you are, what you like, and what’s important to you.


Learn How To Apply!
Learn How To Apply!


Support for COVID-19

Living on campus allows you to live with students facing similar challenges and offers assistance through live-in staff members and Resident Assistants.  Our housing properties offering several safety measures: key card entry, live-in RA's, 24-hour front desk, full-time live-in professional staff, security cameras, access to University Police 24/7 on campus, and an environment of peers ready to support and experience the University just like you.

Residence Life follows all UTRGV COVID-19 safety protocols and partners with Student Health. Your health, safety, and education come first and our team will be here to support you. 


The proximity to both classes and campus resources makes it easier to balance schoolwork, hang out with your friends, and attend live events. Students who live on campus are more likely to graduate on time, have a higher GPA, and be more satisfied with their college experience. UTRGV provides students with a safe, comfortable, and convenient living environment while offering opportunities for increased campus involvement, social interaction, and academic assistance.

Two utrgv college students engaging in conversation in the hallways of the UTRGV dorms.

Housing amenities take away the worries of campus 
living so you can enjoy your new home.


Student Lounges

Study Areas

Laundry Facilities

24-hour Assistance

All Utilities Included

Fully-Furnished Rooms

Meal Plans

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Be a part of the Vaquero community

Don’t miss out on the full university experience!  Living on campus and being involved in your student community is one of the best ways to get the most from UTRGV. You can create and maintain positive relationships and overcome challenges in a community of peers. From roommate chats to late-night study groups, to gathering at campus events or athletic games - students who reside on campus get to experience UTRGV up close and personal.

What better way to begin your amazing college journey than by truly living, eating, and breathing UTRGV!

Student Life

Residence life creates a safe environment conducive to healthy personal/social development by providing residents the opportunity to form an identity and sense of community. It also eases the transition to the UTRGV lifestyle with a supportive resident community.  Living in a residence hall offers you a unique experience not provided in off-campus apartments and expresses deeper sense of belonging.  You have the ability to participate in activities with your floor-mates including pizza parties and game nights.

More than just camaraderie and a sense of home, you can gain leadership qualities and skills by participating in RHA (the Residence Hall Association).  As a second- or third-year student living in the halls, you could have your housing cost covered in exchange for your work. 

Is convenience your thing?

Have the university right at your doorstep, have the luxury of time in worry-free living. Remove the stress of traffic delays, save gas, and don’t waste time looking for a parking spot.  If you have a car, you can park in resident-only parking.  Need more sleep? Living on campus lets you hit snooze one more time and sleep in. When you live on campus you're just a short walk away from everything.  You have access to lounges, study areas, wi-fi, laundry facilities, and many more services.


When you live on campus, let us help eliminate some of your financial stress. There are no surprise living expenses when your bills are included in a single charge for the semester to your student account. 

Take advantage of living on campus by utilizing grants and scholarships to cover university room and meal costs.  We charge one all-inclusive price that covers all expenses like utilities, Wi-Fi, and fully furnished rooms. We can offer short-term 9-month leases or 12-month leases.

So, avoid the distractions of living off-campus and consider a hassle-free, cost-saving adventure!