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We are looking for UTRGV students – both future and current – interested in performing at football games, holiday parades, and campus events in Brownsville and Edinburg as part of the marching band.

Join the UTRGV Marching Band!



Join the UTRGV Marching Band!

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By joining the marching band, you will help create spirit traditions, be more involved in your community, and make lifelong friends!

Don't just watch from the sidelines play an active role in the school spirit by joining the UTRGV Marching Band.

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Be part of the marching band at UTRGV

Create new spirit traditions 

Scholarships available

Why should you join the marching band?

What are the requirements?

How can I join?



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Be a current UTRGV student in good standing or a new freshman or transfer student admitted and enrolled at UTRGV before auditioning.

Play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument, or be interested in participating in the color guard.

Have good time management skills and be prepared for three rehearsals each week, as well as game day and event attendance.

Pursue a UTRGV undergraduate or graduate degree. All majors welcome no music major requirement.

Joining the marching band is easy! Fill out the interest form below and we will contact you for the next steps in the auditioning process. Auditions take place during the summer break. 

For questions, please email 

Who can audition?

  • Current UTRGV students in good standing. 
  • New freshmen and new transfer students who have enrolled at UTRGV. 

When are auditions for Marching Band held?

Auditions are held during the summer. Students selected will participate with the marching band starting in the fall semester.

Do I need to have marching band experience to join? 

Although previous marching experience is not required, it is helpful if you have played an instrument recently, ideally within the past 2-3 years. However, we welcome everyone to participate in our auditions and give it a try! 

Do I have to be a music major to join the marching band?

Students are NOT required to declare a music major to join the marching band.

Is there a class requirement to join the marching band?

Students will be required to register for MUEN 1156. 

I am a prospective student in high school or a 2-year college student interested in joining the UTRGV marching band. How can I get more information? 

Please fill out the interest form above to receive additional information on the marching band and the next steps needed to become a UTRGV Vaquero.   

Which units will make up the marching band?

The marching band is composed of woodwind, brass, percussion, and color guard units.

Where will the marching band play?

The marching band will play at football games, holiday parades, and campus and community events across the Rio Grande Valley.

Will there be transportation between the Brownsville and Edinburg campus? What about games and events?

Transportation will be provided between both campuses including game day and community events.

Are there scholarship opportunities for Marching Band participants?

Learn more about UTRGV music scholarships and university scholarship opportunities.

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Get EXCITED  UTRGV is getting a marching band!

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