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UTRGV Counseling Center  

Email: Counseling@utrgv.edu

We all need someone to count on. The Counseling Center is a place that provides free and confidential counseling services to address mental health concerns and to promote personal growth for currently enrolled UTRGV students. Learn more about currently available services.

Student Food Pantry   

Email: FoodPantry@utrgv.edu

The UTRGV Student Food Pantry supports currently enrolled students experiencing hunger or food insecurity. Learn more about how to secure food, become a volunteer, and/or donate.

UT Health Rio Grande Valley (COVID-19 Resources)

Get the latest health information and tips from UTRGV's clinical practice. Learn more.

UTRGV Student Assistance Program

Feeling overwhelmed? You're not alone. The UTRGV Student Assistance Program is available to assist you with any issues that affect your overall sense of wellbeing and successful completion of your degree. Learn more about getting assistance and staying on track.

Find everything you need to be successful in your remote classroom. From downloading software to setting up your VPN, it's all right here.

Not a tech wiz? We've got you covered. For those problems you can't seem to figure out, contact the IT Support Center and get back to business.


University Center Rm 114

Phone: (956) 665-3663


Cortez Hall 239

Phone: (956) 882-7126


University Center Rm 109

Phone: (956) 665-2574


Cortez Hall 237

Phone: (956) 882-3897


Student Services Bldg, Rm 2.101

Phone: (956) 665-2243


Cortez Hall 129

Phone: (956) 882-5627

Career Center

Student employment is available for students who are enrolled at least half-time, and can work up to 19 hours per week. Job opportunities exist in nearly all departments on campus.

Student Health Services   

Email: HealthServices@utrgv.edu

A wide variety of health services including FREE office visits for general medical care. While some services and procedures used to diagnose and treat illnesses may be subject to charges, overall costs are much lower than comparable services provided elsewhere. For your convenience, all charges for services can be posted to your student account.


613 North Sugar Road

Phone: (956) 665-2511


Cortez Hall, Suite 237

Phone: (956) 882-3896

Student Summer Employment 

Starting this summer, we are creating more jobs and hiring as many students as possible. Our message is simple: You take care of your education, and we’ll try our best to take care of you through employment! Learn more about summer employment opportunities.


The Student Emergency Fund provides students with direct cash payments to stay afloat and continue pursuing their long-term academic goals. Specifically for currently-enrolled students facing a sudden financial hardship, the Student Emergency Fund is available to help Vaqueros at the end of their ropes - and get them back on solid ground. Learn more about the Student Emergency Fund.

UTRGV is using its funds from the Federal CARES Act to give ALL eligible students up to $750 in cash grants and going above and beyond that with a UTRGV-funded match of an additional $750 in tuition relief for a total of up to $1,500 for all eligible students enrolling in Fall '20 and Spring '21. Learn more about the package.


UTRGV is temporarily suspending GRE and GMAT test score requirements for graduate programs. Students submitting a graduate application to any master’s or doctoral program for any of the following semesters or modules will not be required to submit GRE or GMAT test scores.

Learn more about current Graduate College admissions.

Graduate Assistantships  

Email: GradCollege@utrgv.edu | Phone: (956) 665-3661

Graduate Assistantships give students the opportunity to work on campus (up to 20-hours/week). Assistantships are based on college/institutional demands and funding availability. 

For more information, contact the Graduate College:

Graduate College (Edinburg)

Mary Alice Shivers Bldg, Rm 1.158

Graduate College Scholarships

There are external scholarships available to help fund your graduate education. Learn more about these external scholarship opportunities by clicking here.

Housing and Residence Life  

Email: Home@utrgv.edu

Installment plans are available for students during Fall and Spring semesters. Temporary emergency housing is available for students on a case-by-case basis.


Casa Bella

Phone: (956) 882-7191

Community Resources

A comprehensive list of off-campus organizations that offer various types of support resources for students experiencing hardships. Learn more.

Whether you made it through the most disruptive term in American higher education's history (Spring 2020) or are about to begin your academic career, we want to reassure you - you're in the right place.

How do we know that?

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is recognized for being a world-class institution and a top-value nationwide. And while some colleges and universities have been forced to compromise their students' success, we're doing more than ever to ensure that nothing gets between you and your educational goals. That's why we've created this Student Support hub: a one-stop-shop for all enrolled students to easily access our expanded list of student support programs and resources currently available to assist you across all aspects of your university experience. Here, you'll find information that will help connect you with financial assistance, career & employment opportunities, Graduate College programs & scholarships, health & wellness resources, housing & community support, and technical support.

How're we able to do this? 

UTRGV continues to implement programs directly benefitting students who have been impacted by disruption to campus operations due to the coronavirus. Some of these programs are funded with both CARES Act funds from the U.S. Department of Education and UTRGV institutional funds. Through these various funds and our mission to create an innovative and accessible educational environment that promotes student successwe're uniquely positioned to keep delivering high-quality educational offerings AND expand our capacity to support you - our students.

As we anticipate returning to campus this Fall, we invite you to check out all that UTRGV has to offer - during the Summer Semester and throughout the entire 2020-2021 Academic Year.



Summer '20 + 

Fall '20/Spring '21

UTRGV has EXPANDED its commitment to your success. 

Don’t let this pandemic derail your educational journey.

Scholarships are financial assistance that does not require repayment. There are scholarships specifically designed for entering freshmen, transfer students, graduate students, and undergraduate students. 

Outside scholarships are funds provided by off-campus agencies and may be available to undergraduate and graduate students.

Grants are form of a financial aid that does not need to be repaid. Typically awarded based on financial need (determined by the results of your FAFSA), grants are provided by various sources including federal, state, and institutional funds.

Student loans can be a great resource for you and your family as you pay for your UTRGV education. Federal loans have closely regulated, low interest rates; loans from states or private lenders have varying rates and terms.

Students who have initially been awarded financial aid, and are in need of additional aid, may submit an Additional Aid request if the program criteria are met.

Email: UCentral@utrgv.edu

Phone: (888) 882-4026

To learn more about these opportunities contact or visit U Central:


1st Floor Student Services Bldg.


The Tower, Main Rm 1.100

Students who have initially been awarded financial aid, and are in need of additional aid, may submit an Additional Aid request if the program criteria are met.


1st Floor Student Services Bldg.


The Tower, Main Rm 1.100

Email: UCentral@utrgv.edu

Phone: (888) 882-4026

To learn more about these opportunities contact or visit U Central:

Did you know? 

When you purchase a computer, laptop, or tablet you may be eligible for a Cost of Attendance Adjustment (COA)!

To be eligible for the Emergency Tuition and Fee Loan, students may not receive any other form of financial assistance and must be enrolled. The cost for the loan is an origination fee of 1% of the amount of each emergency tuition and fee loan.

Learn more about Emergency Loans by contacting or visiting Student Accounting Services:

Email: LoanOffice@utrgv.edu | Phone: (956) 665-2191

Edinburg: Mary Alice Shivers Bldg, Rm 3.102




Hey NEW Vaqueros - ready to Go OrangeDuring the 2020-2021 academic year, UTRGV is giving ALL First-Year (Freshmen) Students up to $750 in tuition relief AND a FREE Zone 1 Parking Pass for enrolling in the Fall '20 and Spring '21 semesters. Learn more about the Freshmen package.

Summer Relief Package (Deadline: May 29)

Now is the time to keep on track or get ahead. We’re offering all eligible students who enroll in at least six hours during the Summer Semester $1,000 in tuition + mandatory fees relief, a FREE Zone 2 parking pass, $100 in VBucks and UTRGV Swag. All you need to do is enroll for summer classes by May 29th. Learn more about the Summer Relief Package.

Pass / No Pass (Spring 2020)

To help you maintain your academic goals and ease your mind during this unprecedented time, we have implemented a Pass/No Pass option for the Spring Semester. Learn more about this policy.

Tuition Advantage (Deadline Extended to May 1)

If you can only count on one thing right now, consider it the ability to earn your degree at UTRGV. We’re responding to your needs and we’ve expanded our Tuition Advantage grant program to serve more students and families. Launching in Fall 2020, we’ll now cover the cost of tuition and mandatory fees for students with a family income of $95,000 or less. Learn more about UTRGV Tuition Advantage.

Past Due Initiatives:


University Center-UC Rm 305

Phone: (956) 665-3439

We're providing more support to more students. 

Because we can.

Visit the Financial Aid website (utrgv.edu/finaid) and select the "Forms" tab followed by the current aid year. Next, look for the Cost Attendance Adjustment-Computer Purchase document found under the Other Forms category. 

To Apply:

After completing the COA form, please include a copy of the receipt from your computer, laptop, or tablet purchase and submit to U Central or email it to finaid@utrgv.edu.

A decision will be made by Financial Aid to determine if you are eligible for additional financial aid, including student loans.

Please Note: This is NOT a refund for a computer, laptop, or tablet purchase. Changing your COA does not necessarily increase financial aid eligibility if you have already been awarded the maximum aid. For more information, please email us at finaid@utrgv.edu or call (956) 882-4026.